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TMJ / TMD Therapy

TMJ / TMD (Temporomadibular joint dysfunction) is complicated. The disc and muscles must be flexible enough to permit a wide variety of jaw movements. There are numerous muscles involved in the opening and closing of the mouth.

Thus muscles, ligaments and bones must work together smoothly to assure proper functioning. If they fail to do so, the patient often suffers from TMD.

TMJ / TMD Therapy

When the muscles are not working together, there is friction among them, causing muscle spasms, earaches, headaches, and loss of sleep. By reducing these spasms in the TMJ, we allow the mandible to be relaxed from friction, thereby creating a balanced joint.

If you are currently suffering from TMJ / TMD issues and living in the Tampa area, please contact our office to experience the relief that one of our massage therapists can provide.